KURA ITALIAN ORGANIC BEAUTY is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Maria Sciretta
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1500 / 5000 Risultati della traduzione Our company sells luxury Italian organic cosmetics. All the products we sell are exclusively made in Italy with local raw materials, combining the herbal tradition with more modern and innovative elements. Quality is the key factor in each of our products. Most of them are cruelty free, organic and vegan ok, pet friendly. To reduce the environmental impact, an eco-sustainable packaging is used. The Kura Pollution Protection, Hyaloe, Green Man's and Kura Anisa Professional Lines that you currently find on our site are an example of artisanal production of organic cosmetics. The products we sell are born in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, in an uncontaminated territory, splendid for its beauty, culture and history. Our laboratory is a unique Italian reality that deals directly with research, formulation and creation of natural cosmetics, exclusive products for the highest quality. The company has always been committed to the conservation and enhancement of the heritage of herbal culture inherited from the past, placing itself on a line of continuity with the ancient traditional Mediterranean medicine; our products are the union between the millenary herbal tradition and the most recent scientific discoveries concerning the study of medicinal plants. and they are in a wide range that suits every personal need. We also use widely recognized certifications and analyzes