KS KORI SANDALS CAPRI ITALY is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Laura Martelli – Patrizio Bellini
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With the Kori Sandals - Capri Italy brand, we offer the best of the Capri slipper tradition, combining the international experience of design with an ancient knowledge made by real people who have handed down over time the skills necessary to create footwear of the highest quality craftsmanship. we strive every day to create and make available to our customers the best Capri shoes in the world. We strongly wish to spread the unique style of Italian craftsmanship of the highest level globally. VISION We believe that quality and customization are now fundamental values for those looking for excellence in their lifestyle, which is why we offer handcrafted footwear strongly characterized by a tradition capable of adapting to fashions while respecting its classicism. Each shoe is handmade with processes of ancient origin, using the highest quality materials. Our selected artisans use certified genuine Tuscan leather and apply Swarovski® crystals with the utmost care. Some of our models of sandals and shoes, despite their simple and elegant style, have been made with production processes of several hours. All this translates into a product of the highest possible quality.