EVA BY FRANCO CIAMBELLA is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

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Via Veneto is the iconic street of the Dolce Vita, Hollywood on the Tiber, a symbol of exclusivity and modern elegance. Living room of refined, sensual, always authentic women. They love the sophisticated taste of Haute Couture, but they don't give up on everyday practicality. Via Veneto is the timeless Made in Italy brand. The collections draw on memory by updating it and are created to last and be loved. They give every woman a dream, whatever the current trend. A DESIGNER Franco Ciambella is the designer. Present in the fashion world for over 30 years, he pursues a style that celebrates timeless glamor and handmade. His collections combine class, taste and femininity to give each woman a distinctive image in line with the context in which she lives. FOR A UNIVERSE We, our friends, our sisters, our mothers ... we give ourselves the intimacy of a walk by the sea in winter, we love to get lost in the scents and voices of a market, talk about us while having a coffee at the bar. We have grown fond of a dress for years because we wear the memory of it every time, but we know very well what is in fashion this year and what enhances us. We are romantic, courageous and sincere women and when we put that lipstick on the mirror we feel unique.