SILGA is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

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Precise, essential and functional design is translated into a product made of unalterable materials and safe for your health. World wide competition as always so aggressive in this field, it permits to our company to satisfy a large range of costumers all around the planet.The main production of SILGA is focused on the home ranges TEKNIKA by SILGA, EKOLOGA and EUROSILGA. SILGA propose a method of cooking which uses the natural oils contained the food. This type of cooking is possible due to the heat diffusing base, which maintains a constant and uniform heat distribution throughout the base, and to the steam recycling lid. The cooking utensils derive from a modular, multifunctional design in which all the elements are interchangeable for producing food that is healthy, energy giving and suited to the needs of a modern life. The ranges are produced with high thicknesses of stainless steel for the body of the pots and high thickness of aluminum protected by the magnetic capsule which allows the cooking on all energy sources. The choice of materials and the advanced technology manufacturing process used offer a guarantee of quality and durability.