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Being a woman is a journey that lasts a lifetime, being yourself also means choosing clothes that will walk with you in that journey. We all have a story and what we wear becomes part of it. For many, fashion is a mask, a shell that hides the most profound and true identity, making it changeable depending on the occasion. The art of Francesco Copparoni is not an escape, it’s a revelation. In clothes, as in his paintings, the caterpillar always becomes a butterfly, the realization of that journey, the story, accomplished and told. As in the purest art, this is a process that trascends time, which does not respond to temporary trends but is universally recognized. It is harmony. Memories and projections make up a world populated by noble fabrics and precious materials, animated by hands that preserve ancient knowledge. Crossing territories and meeting other stories, this is also part of each single journey, of each single couture creation at Francesco Copparoni Maison.