DONNA SOFT is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Fashion accessories
Claudio Scocco
(+39) 0733-897202
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Donna Soft s.r.l. was born in the early 1980s from the industriousness of the current owners: Claudio Scocco, Aldo Ercoli and Luciano Offidani. A success due to teamwork, to the awareness of the importance of each person, but above all to the passion for their work. Footwear made entirely in Italy: the search for materials with the best quality / price ratio and the experience of over 40 years in the craftsmanship of our shoes allow us to create a product of high comfort, with a contemporary style and with an excellent quality-price ratio. fashion trends and the national and international panorama and we study and listen to the needs of our women: the shoes we produce want to be allies for dynamic, committed but feminine and style-conscious women without sacrificing comfort and glamor. from the research of materials and leathers produced with the craftsmanship and a sample made up of original models that creates a recognizable identity of the Donna Soft client.