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Moira Sperolini
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Esoteric, spiritual, refined, sensitive, lover of numerology and nature. Moira Sperolini finds herself in art: her being her mother, woman, sophisticated, attentive, precise, curious, eclectic, tenacious, determined, witty and sensitive entrepreneur. An artist who "made herself". Her professional career began at a very young age in a poker room in Brescia. From that room Moira emerged victorious and invested the fruits of that passion in a business network that brought her into the world of entrepreneurship, reaching its peak and covering the role of CEO in a company that is now consolidated A INTERNATIONAL LEVEL. But it is in art that Moira, today, is able to express herself. Immersed in a constant search for visual and spiritual beauty, the artist combines the abstract with rare stones, some of which have healing properties. This is how her splendid resin DESIGN OBJECTS are born, embellished with meanings of high magic. "I have never tried the freedom you feel in a fluid abstract with other techniques. You never know what's going to come out. The only decision-making power you have is to choose the colors: fluid, abstract, ethereal, and the materials to be applied. I have made my most powerful form of expression of the fluidity of color. The rest are emotions and vibrations. It is precisely the emotions and experiences I have lived that guide my creations ". Strong personality, technique, creativity and attention to detail are the elements that distinguish her and her art.