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Gianluca Macchi / Nicole Bruzzone
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Melavì was born from the merger of the three fruit and vegetable cooperatives historically present in the territory of the province of Sondrio following a long process of integration and brings together over 300 farms that produce apples in Valtellina. It is recognized as a Producers Organization pursuant to art. 11 Reg EEC 2200/96 with Decree of the Lombardy Region n.18653 of 28/10/2004. The apple tree in Valtellina has ancient origins; in fact, the first evidence of cultivation dates back to the Middle Ages. After the Second World War, apple growing underwent a significant boost, so much so as to strongly modify the agricultural system and the local agricultural landscape. The commitment of some pioneers in Ponte in Valtellina also infected other farmers with enthusiasm, convincing them to focus decisively on specialized apple growing. The Fruit and Vegetable Consortium of Ponte in Valtellina, established in 1952, gave a strong impetus to the development of apple growing and was an example for other cooperatives that arose in the following years. In March 2013 the integration process was completed which saw the merger of the three historical cooperatives of Valtellina, the fruit and vegetable cooperative of Ponte in Valtellina, the fruit growers Villa di Tirano and the fruit and vegetable cooperative Alta Valtellina, into the new cooperative MELAVÌ.