StefanoMano is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

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Family's activity started in 1960, mainly with production of craft suitcases made in leather and having as principal markets the North European ones. Subsequently the development of stylistic, qualitative and design contents have allowed the firm to approach international markets with success, particularly to Japan, and to obtain a unique reputation. “StefanomanO” is the brand created in 2005, with the specific goal to pick out a product rigorously Handmade in Italy and to express a contemporary style in a classic/casual key, which is designed to a customer that is sensitive to the value of details, but also that don't waive to the comfort of quality with an always refined and unique style. Research is continuously turned to creation of bags with a sense of functionality, light weight and extremely practical, roomy and ergonomic. Collections, which change for dimensions and leathers with a wide range of colors, always define in the best way the unique craftsmanship, exclusively hand made. The use of fine leathers and the ancient artisan tradition are the distinctive peculiarity of products and they place them among the most esteemed and original of the market.