1718VI Dorica is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

1718VI Dorica
Fashion accessories
Antonio Bizzotto
(+39) 0424 592160
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Since 1989, D'Orica has always focused on innovative design, quality of the products, organizational efficiency and working closely with customers. The use of advanced technologies and products with excellent quality together with a peculiar organization make D'Orica an up-to-date company matching with the market's trends. D'Orica's production is well represented by CREATIVAE, a collection in white and coloured gold, shown in Gold Expressions 2010 and protected by international patent; ANGELICA, also shown in Gold Expressions 2010 and available in all white gold, and the ORION collection, especially the cuff bracelets in the multistrands and the multicolour line.