IDP - Industrie Divani e Poltrone is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

IDP - Industrie Divani e Poltrone
Upholstered furniture
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It all started in 1981. Far away, in other countries, where Italian leather products were making a breakthrough, and IDO designs were seducing new clients with their elegant lines and Made in Italy appeal. It was a long journey, and above all it was one of introspection. For those who lead, far away and here at home looking, in the end, back into their own hearts: IDP today, with pride, and in Italy, too. From this journey onwards, the search for improvement has never ended, constantly combining classic lines and modern design, craft knowledge and sophisticated production techniques. Developing a genuine culture of leather, and turning work into an art has shown that it's possible to create a precious object, timeless yet reflecting current trends