Alivar is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Afro Gazziero
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ALIVAR was founded in 1984 in the province of Florence, in the Chianti hills, a region full of history, culture and high quality raw materials. Since its origins, the company has strengthened ties with its territory, that today is part of ALIVAR�s identity. The environmental protection and the use of eco-friendly processes, as well as the enhancement of local hand-crafted industry, have made ALIVAR worldwide known as a 100% made in Italy excellence icon. ALIVAR's collection is a synonym of design research and stylistic elegance. Each product is made with a great attention to details, using refined materials (wood, marble, lacquering, padding) and fine fabrics (velvet and selected leather). For this reason, the Italian company is appreciated by the foreign markets, which rely on its several supplies for exclusive residences and luxury dwelling. From Russia to the Far East, from the Middle East to South America, ALIVAR has been establishing itself as a leading manufacturer in the high quality furniture sector.