Nuova Fattoria is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Nuova Fattoria
Adriana Andrini
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New Farm srl began business by revolutionizing the traditional system of processing of dog food, introducing the innovative "selective Extrusion" by which, the noble materials, carefully selected to enter the recipes intended for pet animals, extruded and machined separately, continue to provide all their valuable nutritional characteristics, while maintaining both the principles of raw materials, is the nutritional value of the finished product, ensuring an assimilate up to 90%. For the production of our products, we are used only noble materials, that do not contain any type of product. The special feature of our production system, slower, but less standardized compared to traditional systems, precisely because it requires the presence and the constant control of qualified personnel that follows each stage of processing of the product, allows us to guarantee a great tranquility to the customer in 'use of our foods because they fully meet the real needs of a dog, both at rest and in full physical activity.