Arte de Viver is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Arte de Viver
Franco Zaccaron
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ARTE DE VIVER S.R.L. - VIA DEGLI ALPINI N. 12 - 31020 SAN POLO DI PIAVE (TV) CODICE FISCALE - PARTITA IVA - REGISTRO IMPRESE TREVISO - N. 04163150263 TEL. +39 0422 856564 FAX +39 0422 805510 EMAIL [email protected] Wood: Passion and love for our territory All wood floors of the collections ARTE DE VIVER are the result of a constant and careful commitment of our company as custom for the Made in Italy. Our producers were able, over the years, to adapt this noble material, WOOD, in a variety of prefinished two and / or three layers with original and unique finishings. Investments in research and above all a deep passion for our work have developed manufacturing techniques that respect the wood and at the same time safeguard the consumer. ARTE DE VIVER offers only EC certified and eco-friendly floors of Italian manufacture with great attention to details and special care for the quality of the material used in full compliance with the limits imposed by the E1 Class. ARTE DE VIVER is well aware and very sensitive about the environment, we therefore contribute to a better relationship between man and environment by offering only FSC certified products. ARTE DE VIVER rediscovers through its passion and love for the territory the oldest building material: wood. Using the wood the man has created complex structures, from the pile dwellings to ships and beyond.