Ardo is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Laura Partenza
(+39) 0732 6161
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Supported by 45 years of history, ARDO stands as the reference brand for highend, exclusive and innovative products with uncompromising quality. ARDO products are designed to meet the real daily needs of the home environment and consumer's expectations. ARDO offers fine and functional products that enter our houses and live with us; exclusive sensational products that enhance the truly Italian style, whereby substance has moulded shape into a unique product. Our aim is to provide a perfect appliance that establishes an emotional link with our Customer. The attention paid to the consumers’ needs and the daily enthusiasm we put into our work, along with a constant commitment to research and development, allow us to offer innovative and reliable appliances that combine cutting-edge technologies, noble raw materials and components rigorously tested and approved.