Ezio Bellotti is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Ezio Bellotti
Rosangela Borroni
(+39) 031 766113
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Bellotti Ezio has always understood the importance of quality, and it's not surprising that the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers (www.itpi.it) certifies that this company meets and holds all requirements of the IT01 System - 100% Original Italian Quality. This document certifies that the Bellotti Ezio furnishings are manufactured entirely in Italy, made with high-quality and semi-finished materials from Italy, with exclusive drawings and design from Bellotti Ezio, and made according to the traditional craftsmanship that is typical of the most authentic definition of "Made in Italy". Bellotti Ezio, a historical company that is loved the around the world, has been creating these exclusive furniture collections since 1935 in Italy to be more precise, in Cabiate in the heart of the Brianza region. Albeit one of the first companies in this sector to use cutting-edge technology, Bellotti Ezio has succeeded in maintaining and respecting history and tradition, thanks the advanced and high degree of specialization of its artisans. Bellotti Ezio collections are designed and produced exclusively in Italy, using the highest quality materials and finishes. Before delivering these creations to the customer, each item is subject to strict and thorough checks to ensure unparalleled excellence, and each product is provided with a Certificate of Origin, which guarantees the quality values and protects our clients against counterfeits.