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Giovanni Leonardi
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ACETAIA LEONARDI is a family run farm located in the Countryside of Modena producing Balsamic Vinegar according to a tradition handed down for four generations. All products are exclusively made using the ingredients provided by the local vineyards surrounding the farm, the typical Trebbiano white grape and Lambrusco red grape. From these two qualities of grapes, we obtain the must (cooked grape juice) which is the basic ingredient for the balsamic condiments here aged in the numerous wooden barrels located in the attics of the “Acetaia”. The aged vinegar has very remote origins; the literature testifies that it was used as a “precious gift” offered to nobles, kings and intellectuals in sign of respect, peace or to pay some dues. It was also included in the ladies dowries for its medicinal properties and high value. It also has an aphrodisiac reputation but it is well-known for its digestive properties when it is aged for many years and therefore pleasantly soft like syrup. The artisanal methods to produce balsamic Vinegar are handed down and jealously kept by the balsamic artisan families, however they briefly consist of : 1. Pick-up of grapes typical of Modena area and immediate pressing to get the juice. 2. Cooking of the juice to get a concentrated must. 3. Ageing of the must in wood barrels located in the “Acetaia”(attics of the houses, very cold in winter and very hot in summer to help the natural fermenting and concentration process). 4. Tasting and transfer from the barrels to the final bottle. The wide LEONARDI assortment includes TRADITIONAL BALSAMIC VINEGAR OF MODENA D.O.P, BALSAMIC VINEGAR OF MODENA I.G.P., BALSAMIC CONDIMENTS, WHITE BALSAMA, SABA (Cooked grape Must), BALSAMIC GLAZES, FRUIT COMPOTES WITH BALSAMIC, CHOCOLATES AND PANETTONE FILLED WITH BALSAMIC GLAZE, LAMBRUSCO WINE... Visitors are welcome all year round at the farm to discover the extraordinary life path of the artisanal Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.