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Thomas Bergamasco
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Bergamasco® is a brand that tells a family life. C&T Pelletterie, the Company, was founded in 2000 by Bergamasco brothers, Christian and Thomas, heirs of an artistic talent consolidated in four generations of leather craftsmen. Their great-grandmother, Adele, started this story. The year was 1948, when the first creations took shape. These products were called “bags in pieces”, made by the fabrication of colorful scraps of leather. In the 60 ‘s Nereo, Adele’s son, decided to follow the family tradition of crafting handbags for elegant ladies of that time. In the 80’s Nereo’s son, Gabriele, met his future wife, Ileana, and together they continued this long family history. With his ability in cutting the leather and her creativeness they introduced a new line of leathers for men. In the 90’s Christian and Thomas, their sons, decided to join their parents continuing this beautiful long family history..Today all the family is working together to make the Brand Bergamasco the emblem of the good style and the high quality in leather goods.