Antoraf is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Bruno Vico
(+39) 0734 750066
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Antoraf srl, is a Made in Italy 100% Certificate, was founded with the purpose of providing specialized support to major fashion brands, creating prestigious collections of knitted accessories. Our facility with thirty years experience, boasts of highly qualified staff and a production department that has technologically advanced textile machinery, equipped with the latest generation software, essential to meet the demanding needs of our customers. The entire production cycle of the sample is taken care of in-house: from weaving, dyeing treatments, until shipment to distributors of reference. We also have a thirty-year archive of knit stitches, processing, personalization with embroidery and printing techniques, from which we draw to update and submit articles. We enjoy good reputation among our customers due to on-time delivery and consistent quality of our products.