Bosco d´Oro is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Bosco d´Oro
Daniele Alesi
(+39) 0736-42913
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Bosco D'oro – The truffle taste. Is a firm that manages in the sector of the high gastronomy and mainly in the fascinating world of the trffle. From the cultivation to the marketing of the product, we select, transform, and preserve this jewel fruit of the naure, meticulously observing the hygienic-sanitary norms. This is a handed down passion of father in child that in twenty-five years of activity has pushed us to make always better and to create culinary specialties for a simple and immediate use, proper to flavour croutons, fanciful appetizers, first plates or to flavour meat and fish. The all can be delighted adding fresh truffle in the way to you more pleasant: sliced truffle, flakes of truffle, or simply grated and we are able to deliver yo in all varieties and desidered sizes and weights this fruit as nature creates it.