ALEXANDRA ALBERTA CHIOLO is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Fashion accessories
Emanuele Ferrero
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Alexandra Alberta Chiolo S.p.A. is born with an absolutely innovative and farsighted objective: creating a ladies shoe with interchangeable heels and platforms that can give every woman the pleasure of playing and provoking in different moments of the day. Est. 2008, Alexandra Alberta Chiolo S.p.A, after 2 years of accurate studies, technical lab tests, crash tests and stylistic changes, in 2012 eventually starts a process that brings to the creation of the ALBERTINE shoes that are, first of all, the result of the great attention paid to quality of materials, to craftsmanship, and to the refinement of the “Made-in-Italy” brand. Love for tradition and for the choice of raw materials is combined with a main investment in research and development as well as with the use of technologies employed also in other sectors such as aerospace and mechanical. ALBERTINE can be bought online or, on appointment, at the 2 prestigious showrooms of Milan and Turin.