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The very intense sporting activities that require great energy expenditure tend to alter the balance acid-base, because of the excessive production of acid metabolites, resulting in a tendency to a permanent state of acidosis. It has been proven that the establishment of a protracted state of acidosis, as well as having a significant negative impact on sports performance, can lead to the formation of kidney stones and to an alteration of calcium metabolism resulting in brittle bones. The maintenance of the pH of the tissues within values ​​tending to neutrality during intense sporting activities, which instead are closely related to the production of acids, translates into an actual benefit on athletic performance, with reduction in the sense of fatigue, minor amount of lactic acid in the blood and muscle recovery time shorter. The GJAV line includes nine food supplements for sportsmen alkalizing, each of which is characterized by a peculiar composition, such as to make it suitable for a specific sports activity phase (before, during and after) and to different types of physical exertion. Among the ingredients characterizing the GJAV supplements there is alcalinĀ® pH, a mixture of mineral salts specifically studied and realized to give the products the ability to neutralize the excess acidity that accumulates in the body, especially as a result of prolonged and intense l 'sport or due to an unbalanced diet.