We are the Italian Manufacturers Institute, the ITPI.

The Italian Manufacturer Institute was established with the support of the best Italian Fashion Companies.

The ITPI promote and protects the traditon, the manufacturing origin, and the worldwide recognized Made in Italy Products.
The Institute is a no-profit organization, recognized by the CNEL (National Council of Economics and Labour) since 2004, and co-funded by the Italian government for the certification of authentic 100% Made-in-Italy productions.

The Institute originates in the nineties. Some businessmen and professionist in fashion established the Institute.

In the past years the Institute for the protection of Italian Manufacturers has developed a series of law proposals.
In order to enhance the value of the totally made in Italy productions a project has been started and it is called 100% MADE IN ITALY CERTIFICATION.

Lately this certifying system has been deeply enriched by the Certification of Italian handmade manufactured goods. The National Register Office of Italian Manufacturers was born in order to offer right visibility and official status to certified firms. Its collective trademark can be used by every certified firms.

In 2006 the Institute has planned a new Certification system called SC Sanitary and Security Certification which follows the international regulations for the protection of consumers.
The Institute''s foundation has fulfilled a legal loss. Its goal is to protect and to increase the value of the totally made in Italy productions.

The PROMINDUSTRIA spa Company is born for services and certifications management. The promotion has been delegated to covered export-consortiums.